Rick Stream is a lifelong resident of St. Louis County.  He grew up in Kirkwood and still calls the area home. From an early age he was taught the importance of working hard and learning to live on a tight budget.  Rick’s father passed away when he was fourteen years old leaving his mother and seven younger siblings without insurance or income.  His mother worked hard to take care of her eight children, all of whom quickly realized that they needed to chip in and help pay the bills.  Rick and his brothers cut grass from an early age to help their mom through the hard times.  At age fifteen, Rick painted houses and then started working at St. Joseph Hospital in Kirkwood.  He worked there nearly fulltime for seven years through high school and college.

Upon graduation from UMSL in 1971, Rick joined the U.S. Navy and was commissioned an officer.  As the navigator on his ship, Rick supervised 30+ men.  His ship sailed extensively on missions overseas including a 1973 tour in the Mediterranean Sea when the Yom Kippur war broke out.

Following his service in the U.S. Navy, Rick went to work for the United States Department of Defense as a Budget and Project Manager for the Army Aviation and Logistics Commands.  In that role, he oversaw budgets of major U.S military projects in excess of $15 billion.  He also supervised many employees in a variety of occupations.

Rick’s lifelong experience in budgets and planning on a professional level led him to be a successful Budget Chairman in the Missouri House of Representatives where he oversaw a $26B budget.  Throughout the budget process, Rick worked to better manage existing funds rather than cutting services to the most vulnerable of our citizens; the developmentally disabled and those with mental health issues. Because of Rick’s efforts, Missouri continues to balance its budget, has lowered taxes, cut spending, and is one of only seven states to have an AAA bond rating.

Rick Stream’s hard work and commitment to serving the people of Missouri in the state legislature has led to Rick receiving numerous awards from: the St. Louis Business Journal, the National Association of Mental Illness, the  Missouri Association of Rehabilitation Facilities, the Missouri Association of Realtors, the Missouri Association of YMCAs, the Partnership for Children, the Missouri Coalition of Community Health Centers, the Easter Seals, the Alzheimer’s Association and the Brain Injury Association.  Rick was also recognized as a distinguished alumnus of St. Louis Community College where he is the first ever alumnus to receive a lifetime membership to the Alumni Association.Rick Stream

In addition to his military service and service to the State of Missouri, Rick has been active in his local community.  He has served the Kirkwood School District in a volunteer capacity for over 35 years, first as the Keysor Elementary School PTO President and Vice President and on the Kirkwood School Board for 12 years.  From 1998 through 2000 he served as President of that board.

Rick is a member of the Boards of Epworth Children’s Services and Hope Unlimited, which help children in Meacham Park. Through his son’s special needs, Rick came to understand the needs of the disability community and to advocate support for them.

He also actively participated in his church as an elder, deacon, teacher and youth advisor, has coached many local youth basketball, volleyball, and baseball teams and served on the YMCA rebuilding committee and Kirkwood’s Sesquicentennial committee.

Rick’s greatest life accomplishment is marrying his wife Ellen and welcoming their four children into the world – Katie, Betsy, Larry and Eric.  Today they enjoy spending time with their three grandchildren and living among most of Rick’s seven siblings in his hometown of Kirkwood.