Attracting Businesses and Creating Higher Paying Jobs

Government regulations and overreach are killing Missouri jobs.  As State Senator, Rick will create an environment with less burdensome regulations that attracts new businesses and encourages small businesses to expand.
Frivolous lawsuits keep businesses from expanding in Missouri.  Rick will fight for tort reform so Missouri can become a business friendly state.


As the former Budget Chair, Rick has seen firsthand the bureaucracy in our healthcare system.  The only way to make healthcare more affordable is by removing Obamacare in Missouri.
He will fight to reduce regulations and get the Federal Government out of healthcare


Rick opposes illegal immigration and will keep sanctuary cities out of Missouri.

Eliminate Government Waste 

Rick Stream served as the House Budget Chairman and spent his time rooting out government waste and eliminating unnecessary expenses.  As State Senator he will continue this fight to use your tax dollars more efficiently.
The only way to have a truly limited government is by getting rid of bureaucrats.  During his time as budget chair, Rick reduced the number of bureaucrats in our State Government.

Protect the Sanctity of Life

Rick Stream has always been endorsed by Missouri Right to Life in the past and has always fought to protect life.

Opposes Job Killing Taxes

Opposes raising your taxes.  While in the House, Rick Stream balanced the budget without raising job-killing taxes. He will continue to fight for taxpayers in the Senate.

Improve Our Schools

As a former school board president, Rick Stream knows the importance of a good education.  With a better school system, Missouri can attract higher paying jobs and more businesses.  In the Senate he will strive to make our schools better and more efficient.
Rick believes in local control and getting the Federal Government out of our schools.  This means no Common Core or Federal overreach into our schools.

2nd Amendment Rights

As a strong supporter of gun rights, Rick has always been endorsed by the NRA in the past.